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Online casinos now offer free play bonuses. This can be one of the best ways to win some free money and see just how good online gambling can be. Free play bonuses will let you play casino games at no cost to you for a certain amount of time. This money is given so you can experience the full value of the casino and the games they offer to you. It is meant to act as a welcome gift to the casino and provide you exposure to the software and its advantages. Online Casinos who award free play offers will allow you access to an instant play casino in order to play a series of games. These will include the most popular types of games like table, slot and video poker. Some casinos will include a wider variety but the majority of casinos that are now offering free play bonuses are under the MicroGaming platform with Playtech offering a few free play bonuses as well.

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It was Microgaming who first started free play promotions as a way to bring more attention to the casinos that operate under its platform and as a way to gain more exposure and an increase player base for those casinos. It really is the individual casinos choice if they wish to offer such a promotion but these have proven to be very successful and it is now common to see well over a dozen casinos with free play promotion.

What that means for you as a player is literally thousands in available free play cash. When casinos first began online the average was a no deposit bonus that would be around $10. This was still a good thing but left you with little money to try out the games let alone reach a point that allowed you to cash out winnings derived from the bonus given. However with free play offers they work different in so far as the money you are given is good for an hour to play with. Some will allow for a 24 hour period and even allow you to reload the bonus if you didn’t win. Any winnings over the initial amount of the free play offer can be cashout out. This is often limited to $100 and will require a small deposit be made in order to claim the winnings. Essentially it is like getting a very generous deposit bonus as if you only need deposit $20 to get $100 free that is equal to a 500% bonus and that makes it an attractive offer indeed.

What drives bonus like free play is competition. Competition has grown seen exponential growth online in recent years and each casino is fighting to gain your business. As with any other business those running it will look for ways to set them apart from the rest of the pack and to that end casinos will create special promotions they think will achieve that goal. There are only so many different ways to promote a casino and free plays are one of them that have been well received by the general gambling public. It has served the purpose of showing people how good online gambling can be and that is a good thing as there are some who are doubtful but once having the ability to do so at no cost it is usually seen in a much different light.

If you have not yet taken up the multiple free play promotional offers that are found on this site then we highly recommend that you do as you are missing out on a wealth of free money opportunities.


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