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Android online casinos have gained a large place in the casino marketplace. Today millions of people have begun using android phones over other mobile devices. The popularity of the android system gained momentum after Google purchased Android Inc. To date the android system is the most popular mobile device in use. Due to the increased usage with android phones online casinos have created a mobile gaming platform just for android users.

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There are a number of large cell phone manufactures who utilize the android software as an operating system. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, T-Mobile all fall into this category. This means that many people now have access to android casinos. The casinos that you love online have started to offer an android version to players. The games offer all the same features that are offered in the online versions. The only noticeable difference is the amount of games offered is fewer than online. This will change over the next few years as more games are offered under the android system. As the technology is still relatively new in this format it will take a little time in order to increase the game selection. However developers are working aggressively to complete this task and new games are being added on a regular basis.

Android Online Casinos offers a selection of online casino games. While the amount of games is less than that found with online casinos, the selection of games offered under the mobile platform still represents the most popular casinos games played. Players will find video slots, video poker, table games, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The technology offered with the android casinos provides realistic graphics that are sure to please the end user. Android casino games perform remarkably well due to recent advances made with the java software that powers these games. All of the games offer the same features that are found with their online counterparts. The video slots are packed with action and offer features that include free spins, wilds, bonus games, scatters and many others. New games are continually being added to improve the selection of games available.

The most popular games offered under the android platform are video slots. Android online casinos offer a nice selection of video slots to play. The games allow you to select the coins and coin sizes you wish to wager. They deliver to players exciting, realistic and colorful graphics and sound. For those players who prefer blackjack, android casinos will not disappoint. Blackjack is often a featured game based on player demand. The selection of table games is rather limited currently as are the video poker selections. This is set to change over the next several years as mobile casinos increase the amount of games being offered.

Mobile gaming in general is the hottest market for online casino games and gambling in general. This segment within the industry is set to see staggering growth over the next decade as more and more people turn to mobile devices and move away from standard desktop and laptop systems. The changes that will occur in mobile gaming during this period can only be anticipated but are expected to be sweeping. What is seen today will be nothing that is seen in the coming years. As systems improve, so too will mobile gaming. Android, iPhone, iPad and the likes will have apps that will blow players mind. The selection of games, software choices, gaming styles all will be incredible.

One recent advance that was released was by famed online giant Microgaming. Microgaming is known as leaders in the innovation creation of online casino games and software. They have teamed with Spin3 to develop the best in mobile gaming. Their latest release is the Android Air platform. This improved version for the android platform has been well received by players around the world. Microgaming is certainly one software developer to keep an eye on. They have led the online industry since they hit the market and haven’t slowed down yet. We expect great things to come from them and believe they will change the landscape of mobile gaming.


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