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*** Understanding the Online Casino Registration Process ***


The registration process for most online casino sites is very easy and straightforward. Frankly, if it feels cumbersome, many people will simply skip it and move on to the next casino site instead. Because of this, the sites have tried their best to make the registration process as easy as possible. There are a couple steps to go through and knowing some things ahead of time makes the registration process even easier.

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*** Online Casino Registration Process ***


Make sure your info all matches to make the registration process easy

For various reasons, virtually all quality online casino sights require as a later part of the registration process proof of ID, typically a government issued ID. This is to prevent fraud as well as to prevent money laundering attempts by criminals. Knowing this ahead of time can eliminate hassles by making sure the addresses are the same or updating one’s ID to match their new address. Even a typo of a single letter being wrong in a name can cause a delay on receiving one’s first withdrawal. These security measures are in place to ensure your security. If you have everything you need before starting the registration process you can get started quicker.


Choosing a payment method for the registration process

Knowing what payment method you intend on using makes the registration process go more smoothly as well. Virtually all sites will happily take credit cards as a deposit method but making sure that you have one that copies well is actually important. For deposits made with credit card, many online casinos require a copy of the card used as well as one’s ID when doing the final paperwork to be eligible for withdrawals from their site.


If another payment method is going to be used, such as an eWallet solution, it is best to set this up ahead of time so that everything is ready to go when going through the registration process on the online casino website. PayPal, MoneyBookers and NeTeller are three commonly accepted eWallet solutions that make transferring money from one’s bank account easy and quicker than using a standard bank transfer to the casino site.


Another advantage to analysing deposit options before completing the registration process is to see if there are any specials pr promotions that are available for using a particular method. Some online casinos will give discounts, match deposits or allow free games if you deposit using their preferred method.


Nearly finished with the registration process – confirmation

In some cases, the registration process is not immediate and in virtually all cases there will be an emailed confirmation sent that the would-be player must click on to confirm the email address associated with the account as well as to help verify an actual person created the account. Once confirmed, the player is free to make their first deposit and start playing. The reason for this si to ensure an actual person is signing up and that person is using a legitimate email address. This is yet another security measure designed to ensure fair play and secure transactions.


The final step to the registration process

Don’t forget the final step, and for many, the most important step of the registration process. The sites that require an ID and the credit card used will absolutely not pay out any winnings until these pieces of information are faxed or emailed in. Find a friend with a scanner and make a scan of what is required and email it, along with the form that most sites require and you are all set. Keep in mind, most sites will give players at least 30 days to get this information in but the quicker it is in, the quicker the player can withdraw their winnings. Once the registration process is complete, enjoy the money!

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