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Australian online bingo has become more and more popular over the past few years. It is available to everyone in Australia and because the cost to play can be so low or even free, it is a great way to have fun, socialize and potentially win big that Australians are flocking to these sites. There are plenty of local sites as well as international sites that take Australian players and the experience is excellent.


Australian online bingo works just like bingo would work in person. The player buys anywhere from one to ten cards and marks them with a virtual blotter as the numbers are called out. Buy in can be free, as little as one cent or much more depending on the site and the room that is being played. Getting the specified pattern means the player can click the Bingo button and win that round. What truly makes the Australian online bingo experience great though is that many sites support automatic blotting, making playing ten cards far easier than doing so in person.


Chat rooms add to the fun of the Australian online bingo experience, making online bingo a social engagement as well as a fun way to win some cash. Many players play the same rooms on the same days and end up making friends from around the country if not the world while playing their bingo hands. Sometimes chatting can yield bonuses thanks to in-game hosts or moderators and these employees also can help new players with technical questions as well.

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Australian online bingo is a favourite pastime enjoy by millions of Aussie’s. For years the game of bingo was only available in bingo halls, church bazaars or local fairs. Bingo is a game enjoyed around the world. Bingo was first invented over a century ago and was called Beano. As the years passed Beano became known as Bingo and the name has stuck. Bingo is loved for the social interaction it provides to those who play it. Friends and family enjoy sitting down, enjoying some quality time together, grabbing those daubers and hope to hit Bingo. The thrill experienced is unequaled for those who love all the game of bingo offers.

The addition of online bingo has seen the bingo industry grow at levels never seen before. As more people became aware of online bingos existence the number of online bingo halls grew. Players who have always loved the game are now able to access thousands of daily bingo games. Online bingo players are amongst the most loyal found. They play the game for the love of community that is experienced when playing online. The game is the initial attraction but as players develop friendships and share in each others lives it is those relationships that become important and the game is a bonus.

Online bingo players love participating in online chat games. As the bingo numbers are being called out, the chat hostess are there every step of the way. They add exciting chat games to enhance the overall bingo experience. Players are able to participate in these games, compete against their friends or join competitions against other teams. Chat games reward players with free bingo money to play the game they love. Most bingo halls offer chat games twenty four hours a day. The ability to get in on a game is always present. Australian online bingo players are known for their lively participation in the chat rooms. The laughs and thrills they bring to the mix cannot be beat.

Australian online bingo halls offer 75, 80, 90 ball, progressive jackpot bingo and jackpot bingo. Each offers a different level of excitement for those who participate. The largest bingo jackpot won online was $135,626.12. Online bingo offers players much more than just bingo. While the main focus is bingo, many online bingo halls offer video slots, scratchcards, instant win games and more. The side games allow players a break from bingo when they want it. They offer brilliantly rich graphics, exciting game themes and the ability to win big money. Many will offer games from some of the largest game developers online. This adds to the quality of games offered by many online bingo operators.

Promotions are always on call with online bingo sites. They are known for exciting promotions that are geared towards rewarding players for their loyalty. The promotions are offered upon registration for new players. After initial deposits most online bingo halls will offer generous re-load bonuses. These are a great way to increase your bankroll to enjoy the most bingo has to offer. Australian online bingo sites offer daily, weekly and monthly promotions. These promotions will reward players with free bingo cash or various prizes. Often prizes will focus on special themes or holidays such as mother’s day and include luxury trips.

Online bingo attracts a wide diversity of players. The game brings together people from all walks of life. Whether you are a stay home mom or a professional business person, online bingo communities are happy to welcome you with open arms. The game holds no boundaries as players from around the world interact and become friends. Many of those friendships turn into lifetime relationships. Players share in each others lives. They laugh together during the good times and cry together during the bad, all the while enjoying the game of bingo. Online bingo communities only judge you for who you are and not where you come from.

Australian online bingo players have a large selection of online bingo sites to choose from. The selection is incredible and also incredibly hard to navigate through. As every bingo hall will offer you promotions or free bingo to entice you it is increasingly important to visit sites like ours to get the information you need to make educated choices on where to play. We have a team of experts who regularly review online bingo sites. They use their knowledge within the industry to sift through all the promotions and sites that offer online bingo. They select only those who have built a solid reputation based on honesty, well designed player friendly promotions, game selection and a number of other key categories. By reading the reviews you find here you will save valuable time and potential heartache. The information we provide you will steer you towards the best online bingo halls available.

We hope you find the bingo halls we present to you to be rewarding and fill you with the excitement you are looking for. Australian online bingo offers you the game you love when you want it. Whether day or night, for 10 minutes or 10 hours, online bingo has all you want and more. Meet your friends, stop in and say hello or just play the games for some quiet time. The choice is yours as you feel the stresses of the day drift away and your mind filled with the sweet sounds of yelling out BINGO!

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