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There is always hesitation with doing something fun for the first time and first time online gambling is no exception. The fact that money is changing hands and the internet is the device that is being used for everything from deposits to game play to requesting withdrawals can make even the seasoned casino gambler a little nervous. The internet is being used, but the sites are safe and while all sites vary a bit, all are very straightforward and user friendly.

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*** Choosing the best online casino for first time online gambling ***


There are literally thousands of online gaming sites on the internet today. While all of them claim to be the safest and the most fun; not all are created equal. These claims can be made but research is required to back up those claims. Anyone can do this work to check out a site but has done all the work for you. Our recommended online casino sites are handpicked; having the best software options available and excellent reputations in the industry. For those indulging in first time online gambling, this is a sure way to pick a great online casino.


How to get started

Once a site has been chosen, the process to get started is very straightforward. Depending on the site, simply registering for an account can actually give the player access to the games. In some cases, there are free versions of the games to try them out and in others, there is a nominal sign up bonus that gives the player a chance to play with real money. However, the serious first time online gambler will be happy to make a small deposit, because virtually every site will match that deposit with bonus funds in some way. For first time online gambling this is a great way to get started and save some money too.


I can play for free without registering, why should I register?

The easiest way to answer this is to ask, if you won a big payout and weren’t playing with real money, how mad would you be? Playing briefly for free on sites that allow it is fine to see if the feel of the site and quality of the software is up to your standards; however, these sites are designed to have winners and losers and you can’t win if you don’t try, right? For first time online gambling, you may want to start off depositing a small amount and then increase your investment as you get more comfortable.


Do people really win?

Keep in mind, all legitimate online gambling destinations are licensed institutions that must follow the laws of the country they are registered in. Most countries require that online gambling portals follow the same rules as standard casinos within the country and therefore they must pay out and must do so at a fair rate. First time online gamblers worry about this but rest assured, the sites on do pay out. We’ve checked!


How to start playing

Most of the games featured on popular internet casinos are the same as those a regular casino would have. However, the interface is a little different. Our guides for popular casino games are a great way to eliminate the learning curve. For first time online gambling, check the gaming guides and get tips to get you started!


The site can take my credit card, is this secure?

Most sites love deposits by credit card. They are extremely convenient for both parties and best of all there is no delay between requesting a deposit and it hitting one’s account on an online gambling site. The concerns about credit card security are taken seriously and any site recommended by will have the same credit card security that any major internet retailer has.


How do I get my winnings out?

Depending on the site’s policies, winnings may be paid in full or in instalments capped at a specified amount, typically 3-5000 dollars per week. The most common method is by cheque, sent directly to the winner. However, wire transfers are commonly offered as an alternative, sometimes with a fee attached. Other options include third party quasi banking institutions such as PayPal, MoneyBookers or Neteller who will act as an intermediary for a nominal fee.


First time online gamblers are hesitant to jump in at times, but once they have they find that the process to get started is easy and they are having fun almost immediately and no one has ever argued that beginners luck is a very powerful thing.

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