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Keno is one of the oldest types of casino games and is one of the first to be adapted to a virtual environment for online casinos. Keno is the ideal game for all Australians because it is easy to play and perfect for any budget. Australians love to play keno in between other games or even as their primary favourite. Part of the appeal is that even though playing keno is quite budget friendly, winning can result in big jackpots for an amazing return on investment. For the serious card and table game player, keno is often used as a side game. For those who enjoy slots keno is a great addition to their choices. With online casinos and mobile casinos you can play keno anywhere you have an internet connection via your computer or mobile device.

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*** Play online keno Australia ***


What is keno?

People from around the globe are familiar with lottery or lotto. It is a game where you pick a certain amount of numbers then numbers are randomly chosen. If your numbers match those that are chosen you win. Keno is based on the same premise. However, instead of having to wait long periods of time for your results, online keno shows your picks instantly so you can continue playing as long as you wish.


The keno card

In online keno you will see a card with numbers laid out from 1 to 80. The player chooses numbers they think will hit. A player can choose a single number or up to fifteen. For some players there are specific numbers they consider their “lucky” numbers and choose all the time. Some people prefer to use significant dates such as birthdays or anniversaries in order to pick out their numbers. If you have gone to a Chinese restaurant lately and gotten a fortune cookie with lotto numbers on it you may even want to play those to see if they hit. For other keno players, though, they prefer to rely solely on luck and choose the quick pick option that is available in some online casinos. The numbers are automatically chosen for you. This is a good option for anyone who sits down to play keno for long stretches.


Winning numbers in keno

Keno does not take a large investment to play. You can choose low stakes keno cards and have the possibility of winning large sums of money from a relatively small initial investment. The payouts in keno depend completely on your wager, how many numbers you decide to pick and how many of your picks match up. The more numbers you pick to get a winning match, the less money you will get on a return. For example, if you pick three numbers and all three numbers match what is drawn you will win more than if you pick fifteen numbers and only three match. You may even be lucky enough to match fifteen out of fifteen numbers which typically results in a rather large jackpot.


Play keno today!

Keno is the perfect game for anytime. It is easy to learn so even novice players will pick it up quickly. Whenever you need a break and don’t have time for a more intense online casino game keno is the ideal choice. It is no wonder Aussies have been playing keno and for so long and that its popularity seems to grow.

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