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*** Let ‘Em Ride Gaining in Popularity in Aussie Online Casinos ***


Let ‘em Ride or Let it Ride is a rather new online casino game. While it is one of the newer versions on online casino games, it is increasingly popular with Australians. Let ‘em Ride is especially popular with those who enjoy poker in all its forms. Let ‘em Ride is a version of poker that is easy to learn and fun to play. It is perfect for anyone new to poker or who wants to play something a little different from time to time. In addition to the exciting game there are multiple betting options to really add to the enjoyment of the game. Playing Let ‘em Ride at one of our recommended online casinos is a sure bet!

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*** Let 'Em Ride Poker ***


The basics of Let ‘em Ride

Let ‘em Ride is a variation of poker and relies on the general hand rankings. However, in order to win the player must get a hand that consists of a pair of tens or better. The player does not compete against anyone so no other hand can win because it is better than yours. Instead, you win if you get a qualifying hand and the amount you win depends on your bet and how good a hand you have.


Getting started with Let ‘em Ride

The first thing you have to do in Let ‘em Ride is place your opening bet or ante. Once this is done you will receive three cards, face up. This is the start of your poker hand. You should analyse these cards to see if you have the makings of a good poker hand. The dealer then gets two cards that are face down. The combination of your three face up cards and the two face down cards will make up your entire five card poker hand in Let ‘em Ride. From here you can decide if you want to continue or raise.


Let ‘em Ride betting basics

Part of the fun of Let ‘em Ride is the ability to bet more or stay with your initial bet to limit the risk depending on how good you believe your hand to be. Once you see your three cards you can choose to raise or continue to reveal each of the two dealer’s cards. If you continue, no additional money is at stake and you will win or lose based solely on your initial ante. If you raise, though, your stakes increase. You can raise prior to revealing each of the two dealer cards in the same amount as the ante. Once both dealer cards are revealed your hand is ranked according to all five cards and you will either lose or have a payout.


Let ‘em Ride betting strategy

Most players look at the strength of their initial three cards before deciding to continue or raise. If your hand already reveals a pair of 10’s or higher it makes sense to raise as your hand can only get better and you are guaranteed a payout. Trickier decisions are made when you are looking for a straight or flush that depends on exact cards to have been drawn on the dealer side. This risk, though, is what makes Let ‘em Ride so exciting. But, if you don’t have much of a hand in your initial three cards it might be wise to simply continue without raising. It is possible you will still receive a payout if the two dealer cards are good but if they are not you will limit your losses.


Let ‘em Ride progressive jackpots

Another draw to Let ‘em Ride making it a popular game in Australia is the ability to place a side bet in hopes that you will win the progressive jackpot. You can win all or part of the progressive Let ‘em Ride jackpot depending on the strength of your hand.


Let ‘em Ride payouts

Let ‘em Ride payouts are based on simple hand rankings. If you have less than a pair of 10’s you will lose and you will forfeit any ante and raise bets you made. If, however, you have a pair of tens or better you will get some sort of payout. The better your hand, the better the payout will be. The online casino you choose to play Let ‘em Ride at will have their payout rates posted for each hand. The best payout you can get is a royal flush because it is also the most difficult to get.

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