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*** How to Play Online Roulette ***


The game roulette is named for the wheel that is synonymous for the game. In French the word roulette means “little wheel” – this little wheel is the basis of the game. Players flock to the roulette wheel in land based casinos because it is a fast paced game that is easy to play. The basics of betting on roulette are simple to grasp but there are so many more complex betting combinations that it makes it a fun and interesting game for the experienced player as well. For those who cannot get to their local casino or do not want to shell out the money to travel, online casinos are the best option. With online casinos and mobile casinos, playing a game of roulette is merely a click away – anytime you want, wherever you are.

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*** Beginning roulette – the wheel ***


There are two basic components to roulette – the wheel and the layout. The wheel is made of slots that have both colour and number combinations. The numbers are arranged in non sequential order and the colours alternate between red and black with one or two green spaces also. There are two types of wheels that are used in roulette. Some online casinos use the American wheel typically found in Las Vegas style online casinos while others use the European wheel. Some online casinos even offer both options. The game is played the same in each case but the wheels are slightly different. In the American roulette wheel there are numbers 1-36 with red and black colours plus a zero and a double zero that are green. European wheels are the same except they only have a single zero. This wheel is spun and a small ball is flung around the edge in the opposite direction. Where that ball eventually lands is what determines winners.


Betting on roulette – the layout

Once you are familiar with the wheel you need to familiarize yourself with the layout. The layout is the table where you place your bets. The types of combinations are shown on the table and you put your chips in the space where you want to bet. You want to bet based on where you think the ball will land when it loses momentum. There are inside bets and outside bets available. Inside bets are those that can be found at the inside of the layout and consist of individual numbers laid out in sequential order. Outside bets are situated at the outside of the roulette layout and include colours and combinations. There are many different inside and outside bets which make roulette challenging and exciting.


Roulette inside bets

As a general rule inside bets pay out more but they are also riskier bets. Some possibilities on how to make inside bets in roulette include:

  • Straight up – If you have a feeling a particular number will win, put your chip on it.
  • Split – You can choose two adjoining numbers to hit such as seven and eight.
  • Street – If you want to bet on all three numbers in a row such as 22, 23 and 24 you place this bet.
  • Double street – Similar to a street, you bet on two rows for a total of six numbers.
  • Trio – This is a bet for three adjoining numbers that include either the 0 or double 0.
  • Basket – If playing on the American roulette wheel you can bet on the zero, double zero and first three numbers.
  • Quad – Choose four numbers that make a square on the table to bet on.


Roulette outside bets

Many who are new to the game of roulette choose outside bets because they are easier to hit. However, with the increased possibility of winning comes lower payout. Some roulette outside bets include:

  • Dozen – You bet on a block of 12 numbers, the first second or third group of 12.
  • Half – You can bet on either the first or second group of twelve.
  • Odds or evens – This is one of the most common outside bets where you choose either odd or even numbers.
  • Black or red – This is another of the most popular bets, choosing between hitting red or black.
  • Column betting – This means that you choose the column of numbers as it is laid out on the table.



With all the options beginners may feel a bit overwhelmed. However, the online layout is easy to read which will help you get started. After playing you will see why online roulette is such a favourite of Aussies whether high rollers or budget bettors.


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