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*** Australians Take Video Poker for a Spin ***


Australians always have fun getting together at a pub or gathering with friends to play a few hands of poker. But now that online casinos have become a favourite pastime of Aussies, the smoke filled poker rooms have been substituted with online poker. Online poker simulates the live version but is played online with other people. This is a great option for those who want to socialise and play. But for those who want to have a single experience, video poker is a great option. The rules are basically the same but it is a faster paced game that is often more exciting. Video poker combines the sounds and graphics of video slots with the rules of poker for a great combination.

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*** Video Poker ***


What is video poker?

Video poker is a digital version of five card draw poker. The player gets dealt five cards face up. This is the hand you get to start off with. The player can then determine the cards that are best to keep to continue toward a winning combination and any cards they may want to discard in favour of getting new ones. Once the cards are marked that you do not want, you are dealt substitute cards. This will be your final hand and your payout will depend on your final hand.


Betting on video poker

Video poker is a fun, fast paced game for all types of bettors. High rollers can find video poker games for hundreds of dollars per round making the risk greater but the rewards greater also. For those who are on a tighter budget, though, you can simply play a game that allows you to bet smaller denomination coins. Find the denomination that suits your betting budget and bet accordingly. You can bet one coin or multiple coins. After you bet you will get your cards dealt and play begins. If you get a winning combination of cards the payout will be determined based on how good a hand it is.


Playing video poker

When you have your cards dealt you have five cards from which to play video poker. You can choose to keep all these cards or discard some cards. You can even discard all five cards if you so desire. However, you would typically want to only discard those cards that would not help you get a favourable hand. Simply click on the cards you want to keep to hold them then click deal to get replacement cards for the ones you don’t. After you get the replacement cards you will have your final hand. The amount of payout depends on the final hand you end up with. There are some hands that are quite difficult to get. Because they are rarer they pay out more. The hands that are more common or easier to get pay out less. Employing strategy to keep and discard cards is the key to winning so you must be familiar with the ranking of video poker hands.


Video poker hand ranking

The video poker hands that pay out the most are those that are most difficult to hit. Once you start playing video poker you will become familiar with them all. However, for novice video poker players the rankings are typically shown online with your game so you always have a reference. The rankings of video poker hands are as follows from rarest to most common:

  • Royal flush – hitting a ten, jack, queen, king and ace all of the same suit
  • Straight flush – five cards, in sequential order, in the same suit
  • Four of a kind – four of the same cards in each suit
  • Full house – three of a kind with a pair
  • Flush – all five cards having the same suit regardless of the denomination of the card
  • Straight – five cards in sequential order regardless of the suit
  • Three of a kind – three of the same cards with three different suits
  • Two pair – Two sets of pairs
  • Pair – two of the same card in different suits



Video poker is a great way to hone your poker skills for a more intense game and to have a bit of fun. It is fast paced and easy to play, perfect for all levels of online casino gambler.

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